Sorry for the delinqunecy up here. things have been rather busy and hectic of late. 

First off, since the Taipei show just ended that means it’s OE Spec crunch time. We’ve been working hard for the last half a year to try and get an OE presence with Hudz in the future, and soon we’ll know just how well that work has paid off. Of course if things don’t quite shake out the way we hope this year there is certainly always next year and a whole lot of groundwork laid…

Prototypes – we are cutting steel on our new DA7900 compatible Enhancement Brake Hoods after final approval of a perfected prototype happened earlier in the week. The plan is to have this out in May – right now we’re looking at the middle of the month if everything goes well. Next up is proofing that the changes we made on the Campy 11v version are actually able to be produced, and to have a perfected prototype tested. We hope to have that done in the next couple weeks and once we do steel chips will be flying on that one as well. Late May is the projected date for those guys right now.

Cause you can never have too many colors – well, you definitely can on one bike, but as a general rule we are in favor of options – we are doing some preliminary vetting of adding yet another color to the Hudz product range. That would bring the total up to an unprecedented 15 options and give cyclists so many choices that we could expect bike shop loitering to increase upwards of 40% for the coming year.

Big moves are afoot and we hope to be able to post some of them here in they next day or two. While world domination may not exactly be at hand, we think that there’s a good chance that Hudz will be showing up in more places soon.

Other than that, check out the San Diego Custom Bicycle Show next weekend. There are a lot of great builders who will be heading out to that and it certainly promises it’s fair share of eye candy.

Have a great weekend, and please go ride since we’ll be under about 30″ of new snow here in Colorado and all stuck riding 127 meter laps of the track at Boulder Indoor Cycling…