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I have to admit, I am stoked. I mean like a kid trying to keep it together a week before Christmas.

On Monday my new custom shoes will arrive at D2 in Eagle. Unfortunately it will be an entire week before we are together since I will swing down to D2 on the way back from a weekend in Steamboat Spring and a trip to Moots. 

I got hooked on custom shoes about 5-6 years ago when my friend Bart Sheldrake made me a custom set of Lust shoes. Years later I was brought on to help David Simmons develop a line of custom cycling shoes, a few promising iterations into it David and the project disappeared quixotically. 

At RMBS last year I got to meet Don Lamson (famous for his shoes of the same name and one of the original guys in the world making custom cycling shoes) of D2 and began talking to him – at my wife’s urging – about getting new shoes. The particularly great thing about the shoes that I’m getting is that they are a brand new design that Don has been making for guys on the Slipstream team this year. The new version is a hybrid of the Super Crit and Pro Road shoes with a couple of unique twists.

I’ll document the pickup and final fitting when I get to D2…


Lately the weather here in Boulder has been great – well, if you don’t count the gale-force winds that have been blowing occasionally. But last night the hateful weatherman said that we will have a dramatic change in the weather this afternoon and have us a little snow. I don’t ski, I ride a bike, and that just doesn’t sound like the way to kick off my weekend. 

The sad thing is that now I probably have no excuse not to be responsible and get work done and clean up the bike shop in the basement. And man, I don’t want to ride the trainer, but it’s getting too late in the year for blowing off workouts to be a viable option if I want to have the chops for cross this winter… fortunately there is always punk on the ipod to get me through…

… Or more precisely an organic veggie burger on a gluten-free bun with non-dairy almond cheese. I usually don’t eat quite that fanatically, but it’s what I could put together from what we had around. 

The reason for cheeseburger celebration, you ask? Another trip back to the Boulder Indoor Cycling complex; and a successful one at that. I actually put some real time on my super-cool custom Ti track bike, got in a fair workout, and gained a bit more confidence on that bizarre loop of marine-grade plywood. 

It’s still a bit of an unnerving track – with a good deal more topography than one would usually expect from a velodrome. There are little dips and wiggles in the surface that mean no one can completely stick a line, particularly when diving 15 feet down from the top of the banking into the sprinter’s lane for the 40 meter straightaway before plowing into a 1.6G turn. The track measures 142 meters at the blue line and only 127 from the sprinter’s lane, so it’s a dainty little thing as well.

Today’s session was instructed by my friend (and local pro diesel man) Chuck Coyle,  and my friend Nathan went through the track certification with me. Nathan dug the track. He jumped right up and took to the boards like a natural. 

I’ll be back. Heck, I have to go back to at least pick up my bike – I left it for one of the owners to ride…


A groovy logo never hurts.

A groovy logo never hurts.

Yesterday ‘our local bike show’ just announced that registration is open. We’re actually stoked about the show, which is a bit odd for a trade show for us – we’d rather be making bike parts or riding them than standing around selling stuff. 


Anyway, The Rocky Mountain Bicycle Show is actually growing from what was a pretty local show with a couple of cool kats from Portland last year to a national custom-builder show. Not sure if Hudz will be able to swing presenting sponsorship with the growing show this year, but we’ll be there and backing it again for sure.

Here are the quick details: August 22 & 23 (new, better date), at the National Western Complex in Denver (new, better location). The door is $10 and part of the proceeds benefit Bicycle Colorado. Builders already confirmed are:  Anvil, Argonaut, Black Sheep, Chris Kopp Bicycles, Civilian Bicycle Company, Courage, DaVinci Designs, DEAN, Ground-Up,Longbikes, Moots, Paketa, Primus Mootry, Rene Herse, Tiemeyer Cycles, Victoria Cycles, Yipsan, and Zinn. Plus cool toys like Edge Composites, D2 custom shoes and King Cage. 

The clincher for the whole show could be this: The new venue will allow RMBS to have a beer garden giving our 2oz. samples of cool microbrews. Wickedly cool custom bikes and free cold beer on a hot August weekend, does life get any better?

Be sure to mark your calendars and come see us at RMBS. Oh, and check out their website too…

Winning the big one. Thanks Tijmen. 


Winning the big one. Thanks Tijmen.


When you want to get something done, particularly on a cyclocross bike, you should probably have a Dutch man or woman do it. You can also grab a Belgian, but not at the same time, that would just cause a fist-fight. 


Anyway. Today our BeNeLux Hudz distributor sent me an email with some pretty pictures in it. Pretty pictures of the first Hudz-using World Champion. He’s Dutch and it’s a cyclocross championship so I’m stoked. Oh, he’s also 17. Everyone please give a hand to Tijmen Eising.

Not that there is any good evidence to back me up here, but I think his 25 second margin of victory would have been stretched out to at least 45 seconds if Tijmen would have had our SoftGrip Enhancement Brake Hoods, and probably another 15 seconds if they had been the brand new v2 set for DA7800.

If you read this Tijmen, let me know where I can send a year’s supply of white SoftGrip Hudz to match your new jersey…

With Record cranks and brakes; Syntace bar, stem and post; Stan's wheels. Sweet.

With Record cranks and brakes; Syntace bar, stem and post; Stan's wheels. Sweet.




Here’s an update that I promised a long time ago. I thought that since the weather was nice enough to actually ride this puppy to work that I would put it up now. This is the incredibly coveted Raleigh Rainier limited edition single speed cross bike. I chose to kit mine out with a Record crankset and brake; TRP EuroX gold cantis; Syntace bar, stem and post; and some killer Stan’s ZTR Race tubeless wheels. Also, please note the brand new v2 Campy Ergo Enhancement Brake Hoods in our new Roubaix Red. 

I love this bike. As Ferris Bueller said, “If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up. It’s so choice.”

If you check out the Hudz website you will see that we have now posted our Product Upgrade Program; this allows people who bought sets of our Enhancement Brake Hoods for DA7800 and Campy Ergo v2 to upgrade their Hudz from our original molds to new one that we just finished which incorporate a number of design and process changes. There is no substitute for experience and since these are our 5th an 6th molds this last year we now have a much better command of what makes the best part possible than we did when we started.

Anyway. If you were bold and supported our new company by buying one of our DA7800 or Campy Ergo brake hoods last year, you can upgrade to the newest version of those for half price. It’s our way to say thank you and to let everyone know that we appreciate their support and will continue to work hard to make the best products possible.

See the announcement on the Hudz home page here.