On the road back. Or not, actually, more like on the track and the trainer. It’s been a fairly decent so far, but I have a heck of a time getting myself to do more than about 45 minutes on the trainer or so. Right now the goal is just to get used to the sensations of riding regularly again. So far it’s been odd – one day I can do 45 minutes sitting at about 260 watts, the next I can do about 30 and I’m all over the place.

The big goal is still to get ready for ‘cross season. I want to make sure that I can race on the weekends with the team this year (well, at the same races, not in the elite category – 35+ cat 4 will do since it’s been about 15 years since I toed the line with a bunch of pro/1/2 guys). On the way there, I’m thinking about putting some brutal gravel-road miles on a long wheelbase custom Civilian┬áthat I won at the Rocky Mountain Bicycle Show last year that should be done shortly. The biggest glitch at the moment is coming up with a paint scheme for it. Hopefully that will be sorted shortly though.