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DSC_0026It seemed like they would never be finished – we submitted our CAD files to our mold maker in early February to get rolling on the new Campy v3 (11-speed/2009 compatible) Enhancement Brake Hoods. Unfortunately it took until late May for them to actually get our part file perfected and get the mold designed. So I did what any reasonable business owner would do – I brought a 230-pound thug (the product development guy at my injection molding company who was an all-state linebacker and general thug in high school, though he’s a really nice guy now) to help me straighten things out…

Now a mere month later we have sample parts on hand and our mold is running our first production cycle. We should have these babies unleashed on the world shortly. So far my friend Nathan has gotten a sample set and he says right on – the shape changes are subtle, but the effect is dramatic DSC_0034
and I confidently say that they are significantly more comfortable than the stock OE hoods, which is always our goal.

So here are some photos to give you an idea of what to expect.

Also, as of Sunday, our DA7900 and Campy v3 Enhancement Brake Hoods are listed on the e-commerce section of our website. We expect those parts to be shipping early next week, so put in your order now to be one of the first to receive them.


So this morning we ran a proof of our new mold for the Campy Ergo g3 (2009 lever shape) compatible Enhancement Brake Hoods. It was a demon to fit on the lever, but it finally stretched on there and man, it fits tight and perfect. That will make a trip to Denver worth while.

Samples of the new EBHs were promptly boxed up and have been expressed to France for – I kid you not – a project bicycle being presented to President Sarkozy. The company building the bike is called VeloIdeal and they have done a number of very nice projects in the past – this one, a French Tri-Color, is certainly an exciting one to be included in.

Capping off my trip down to Denver was a stop in to see frame-builder friend Chris Kopp. Chris was the master-builder at Yeti until they moved all the production over to Asia, he does some very nice work. Looks like CK may come on and take part in a project that we are getting together for the fall/winter…

DA7900 parts from our mold sampling will be tested and then put into production.

DA7900 parts from our mold sampling will be tested and then put into production.

It’s taken since August of last year to get these guys to this point. Hours of testing and riding and redesigning. Then making molds and finally proofs. This week we are testing out a couple sets to see if there are any slight changes that need to be made, and then we are scheduling production. All in all, I think we have a pretty darn good part here. There’s not a huge difference like there was with the 7800 Enhancement Brake Hoods since Shimano did a great deal to improve the ergonomics of the 7900 levers, but there are still a hand-full of purposeful little changes that will make your riding more comfortable and the performance of your STI levers even better.

We should have an arrival date confirmed in the next week. If you have any questions about the new parts, just let us know.

Alexis Rhodes of the Webcor team took the best young rider’s jersey after the individual TT at Nature Valley. Congratulations to her and all the Webcor women on a strong first day in MN which also included Erinne Willock grabbing the Queen of the Hill Jersey and Rebecca Much sporting the Prestige Series leader’s jersey.

Hopefully the great results continue and maybe, just maybe they can challenge Kristen Armstrong’s dominance in the event for the past couple years…


photo pinched from

photo pinched from

I think it’s great that Amy Dombroski is a Boudler girl. But I am no officially conflicted, Amy just cleaned up on the U23 prize at Philly this weekend, which when matched to her Gloucester cross title means that she is basically the world champion of east coast women’s cycling. As much as I want her to come back and be a Boulder-ite, it’s tough to want her west of the Mississippi since she dominates east of it.


Congratulations Amy. Classy ride.

See the article here.

There are a lot of developmental programs in the world of cycling from the local 5280/TIAA-CREF squad, to the JET-Cycling team out in SoCal. We really like that there are people out there that just want to get new blood into the sport and introduce a new generation of riders to how to do things right.

This last week I had the chance to talk to Michael Engleman or the US Women’s Cycling Development Program about a racer that we are trying to put together support for the upcoming cyclocross season. Both Mike and I are big fans of this lass and would like to see her continue her progression to international domination, probably before her 25th birthday if recent years are any indication. While trying to figure out how to dove-tail logistics a bit to be as efficient as possible with our small budget, we got sidetracked and worked out a Hudz sponsorship of the program as well.

Michael has been running the USWCDP for a while, and while you may not have heard much about them, they are responsible for some of the biggest names in women’s pro cycling – names like Mara Abbot, Kristen Armstrong, and Amy Dombroski. It’s an incredible program that is run an incredibly classy guy with the kind of experience that any Pro-Tour team would love to have – and we are pretty stoked to now have some small part in helping them along.

When you have a couple minutes to burn, check our their website, or their diary on…

For some reason the farmer tan, particularly on my set of freshly shaved legs always makes me happy. The more profound the contrast between the skin above and below my short line the bigger my feeling of accomplishment. 

Of course over the course of my cycling career there have been other tan lines as well – helmet-strap and glove lines, even the semi-permanent tattoo of teams past when I would spend 30-40 hours a week training is a long gone, super-thin jersey with black and white graphics that would leave there negative photo-etched in my back for years at clip.

I’ve also been cycling for more than 20 years, so at this point leg hair – on either a man or a woman – just looks wrong to me. That’s not to say that over the winter I haven’t let the curls grow out a bit and put a week or two in between shaves, but when that happens it just makes me want them slicked all the more when I get around to shaving.

Since we’re pretty much rocketing toward high-summer here on the Colorado Front Range and finally I can log some miles without having the arm and leg warmers on so the farmer tan is getting there, and the legs need to stay shaven. It’s four months until cross season and I have a lot of work to do to be ready, so here’s to darkening that farmer tan so that I’m ready in time…