The last month has been incredibly busy – or actually not – I went out to Cyclocross Nationals in Bend to help out the team (Hüdz-Subaru) and make contacts with sponsors for the 2010 campaign and then flew off to New Zealand for two weeks for my first real vacation in about 10 years. While both were extremely pleasant trips it was amazing how busy I was the whole time even though I was relaxing.

Cyclocross nationals were incredibly successful for us with a win in the Men’s 35-39 with a resurgent Jon Baker and a couple of silver medals for Wendy Williams (Women’s 40-45) and Matt Pacocha (Men’s 30-35). Matt and Wendy were both within a shout of the top step – and leading at various points – but were held back from the win by untimely crashes (and in Wendy’s case a pretty hard one) on the slippery course.

Baker came back with another great performance going from about 12 rows back in the start grid to 17th place overall in the men’s elite race. The rest of the team rode hard and everyone ended up with solid results. The whole experience has only strengthened our resolve to grow the program for 2010 and we’ve been hard at work on that front for a couple months.

The NZ trip involved driving almost all the way around the perimeter of the South Island and hitting 8 stops over two weeks. What a phenomenal country. On Ryan Trebon’s advice I ate enough meat pies to stun a team of oxen in their tracks. By the end of it all I couldn’t even look at a Mince Pie, but I’m sure in a month or so I’ll be longing for them again. Even in little gas stations in tiny towns they have these outstanding home-made pies.

Upon returning to the States I was treated to temps in the teens and snow – quite a change from the 60-70 deg NZ summer that I had left behind.

In the office there’s been a bit of turnover as Jesse Kraham – our sales guy – has moved on to a Tech Sales job and we’ve been able to replace him with Soren Strom. Soren has been around the industry for about as long as I have – maybe longer – and brings an incredible new strength to the team here. Look for big things to happen with Soren running our Distribution and OE programs…

Milano Lime hoods are slowly making their way to us and we should have the full compliment of compatibilities in the next week or two. New Sram Hüdz are coming along. And we’re working on putting together a great Ultegra 6700 model that will be available some time this spring. Other projects abound, and it’s just a matter of prioritizing to see what will come next – stay tuned…