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Join the Hüdz-Vista Subaru CX team at Wenger (1122 Pearl St. Boulder) on Saturday night from 5.30 to 8pm. Wenger is having an open house with 20% off, Oskar Blues is providing beer, and you can kick it with team members like the super-suave Davide Frattini, or trade World Championship stories with Amanda Miller.

It’s gonna be great. See you there



As I mentioned to one of the guys that works at the office with me, the last cyclocross race I did was in the 90s – late 90s, but still… I have been underwhelmed by the prospect of disc brakes in cross since June when the UCI announced their legalization. I think I just changed my mind.

I have never been a mountain biker, and never tried disc brakes – hydraulic or cable – and almost always felt that a set of TRP950 cantis would take care of anything.

While the 950s pretty much rule every condition, getting fist-fulls of wet clipped grass in between my pads and rim the other day made me realize that the disc option is legit and really something I would probably go for if they got the weight down, hydraulic road levers, and it integrated well with sexy form of my (when it happens, this is the dream bike…) custom painted Ridley with Di2.

Last summer I talked with the Factor 001 guys in the UK about hydraulic versions of the Di2 levers that they were cobbling together for their project and the possibility of  us being willing to make Hüdz for them. It never happened, and as far as I know the Factor 001 bike is still vapor-ware. But the idea has stuck with me and now I think that with disc brakes in CX the time may have come to pull out all the stops and just go full-on crazy like that.

Maybe, just maybe…

More than a month ago Interbike/Neilsen announced that Interbike would move to August 8th in Anaheim CA. The bizarre truth about the move is that this effort to make the show more relevant has done exactly the opposite. Eurobike looks to benefit most from this move with a number of companies that I have talked to saying that they will now skip IB and head to Eurobike instead.

My company has been on-and-off with IB. The atrocious return on investment, horrible layout of the show, and arrogance of the organizers has made participation a big hurdle for us. Now with the show moving to Anaheim in August there is no way that we will even consider attending, much less showing.

There is, what I think is a brilliant option that I’m talking with a few people about. The timing would be very different as would the location, but the functionality for the industry should be excellent. So far feedback has been positive. Now if I could just find a smart event company to put it together that’s looking for a huge challenge like this…

Regardless, manufacturers are irritated, retailers are indignant, and the only thing that the organizers seem to have a positive for the move is Disneyland. Is the end of IB nigh? I actually hope so – give someone who is really going to serve the industry a chance to come up…