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DA7900 proofs from our mold will be arriving on Thursday afternoon next week. We are doing two small sample runs in Bordeaux Gold and Paris Pink and those parts will go on bikes for testing to make certain that the fit is perfect and the function is just what we want, and then we will be able to go into production some time shortly after that. End of June – finally – should be when the parts become available. A batch of the pink hoods will be heading across the pond so that we can finally get the Rapha-Condor team supplied with Hudz for their race and training bikes. 

We’ll post shots of the new DA7900 Enhancement Brake Hoods as soon as we have them installed on some levers… They’re gonna be sweet…

Also of note: The Whitman College Cycling Team tallied up their third National Title in six years just up in Fort Collins, CO a month ago. I got an email and letter from the team letting us know about their success. Whitman is part of Hudz’ open sponsorship for collegiate teams (we will sponsor any collegiate team that asks for it and provide pro-deal pricing for all members) and we have been very happy to be able to supply them this year, and hopefully for years to come.


From yesterday’s ride, “I can’t ride the gravel, I don’t have a big ring.”

One of the afternoon storms that used to be an every-day occurrence her on the front range rolled in just as my friend Nathan and I were heading out for our ride yesterday. Nathan is a lawyer, and a bit fancy with his carbon Colnago and SuperRecord and carbon clinchers, but he’s a man’s man when it comes to riding and he was digging the rain as much as I was on my new oversized steel bike with DA7900 (man’s man bike). So we headed out east of town and got blown out quickly by the wind out of the south west. 

We had to stop a couple time to adjust saddle height and cleat position on my bike since I had just built it up and changed to the DA7810 pedals at the same time. And unfortunately on the ride east I also found out that I couldn’t get the chain onto the big ring – either I set the limit screws a touch too tight, or the cable had a bit of slack in it. While unfortunate, I wasn’t going to let it ruin my ride. 

Then we made the turn north, onto a road that I knew became gravel in about 1K. When Nathan asked if I wanted to ride the gravel section, the answer was the quote that started this entry – you gotta have the big ring for gravel.

We rode it anyway and I did my best to keep the power down and just glide over the ruts and craters and big loose rocks, but it just wasn’t quite the same. In the end it didn’t make much of a difference since I’ve spent more time in the Doctor’s office than on the bike lately which means the power ran out pretty quickly. Still a ride with some Belgian weather and a couple stretches of gravel makes me happy as a clam.

Now I’m off to another Dr.’s appointment, and hopefully soon I’ll be sorted and putting in the miles so that I can really clobber the gravel this fall…

This has been a huge week already and it’s only about noon on Wednesday. For starters, we finally approved the part design for the Campy 11v ergo levers yesterday… Seems like it took us a ridiculously long time to get that done? Yeah, we think so too. In fact we had to have our manufacturer step in and bludgeon our mold maker savagely about the face and neck in order to get the damn thing finished off yesterday. I took the guy out for a couple drinks when it was all said and done – he earned them…

It also looks like we are darn close to having our new home for ACL sorted. We moved into a decent office and warehouse space almost two years ago and now find ourselves in need of more room to keep growing. I found what I will simply call my ‘fallback’ space today. There is also one more spot that I would love to grab, at least in theory – it’s a new build with solar power and a very convenient location. The question is whether we can afford it or not. New+Solar=$$$$…

Beyond that we are signing new distributors around the globe who will continue to help raise Hudz’ profile. One of they it looks like might even be able to help get us hooked up with some riders by the time July rolls around so that people can see our stuff on TV again this year.

Actually heading out for a ride in a bit with a friend who goes by coloclimber on the weight weenies forum his email to me: “Cool. Your house at 330. No climbing ok?” Thats waht I call humor.

Racy pics from the weekend coming soon…

HOT DAMN. I don’t usually curse, and certainly not on a blog, but our new website just got uploaded and is now live, and I am stoked. This has been something like 7-8 months in the making, so that’s enough to make anyone close to crazy. There are still some small bugs to work out, but I am quite pleased in general. 

Of course given the timeline to get this site live, we’ve actually already started working on the 2010 version, so this is just short-term relief…

Check it out.

ginagrainIn yesterday’s stage of the now world famous Tour de Gila, Hudz spent the day on the front with Nicole Evans of Value Act Capitol, and grabbed the win with an impressive finish from Gina Grain of Webcor Builders. We are incredibly pleased to be sponsor for both of these teams, and pleased to be a part of their success. 

Nicole is the defending champion at Gila and is backed by the uber-strong VAC team which seems to have all of its riders sitting in the top 15.

Grain and her teammate Katheryn Mattis have featured both days, and Mattis sits in second with the only real chance to nock off top spot  Kristin Armstrong (Cervelo Test Team).

Gila ain’t over until the 3rd, so there is still plenty of racing to be done, but things are looking
pretty good so far…nicoleevans2