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This past week I played hookey on Thursday and Friday. It was well-earned time off. Of the five weeks of vacation that I ‘technically’ get each year I usually take about a week or two of it spread out over ‘long weekends.’ Someone’s gotta keep the trains running on time.

The basic plan to head over Independence Pass to Aspen and then to totally play things by ear. My wife and son are both great road-trippers and so that sort of thing really works out well with them.

Anyway, we set off around 11 on Thursday with a plan to get to Aspen about 2 and to get Riis his nap on the way. This was the first real road trip in the new Subaru, and I have to say that I love that car. For one, the driver’s seat is one of the most comfortable I have ever sat in – far better than the Saab and Toyota that I had previous. It’s just a great car, and I much prefer driving it to the cumbersome Highlander Hybrid that I traded for it.

The drive from Leadville to Aspen is one of my absolute favorites, so I just let Carol and Riis konk out and enjoyed the scenery.

The stop in Aspen was only long enough to buy a pair of sunglasses for Riis and have a picnic on the Rugby pitch in town. From there we foolishly got into rush-hour traffic headed for Glenwood Springs. My wife is a hot-springs crack-addict. The chance to soak in Glenwood was all she needed and my son was pretty easy to convince as well – he has his mother’s addiction also.

The next morning we decided to bail out early on the trip rather than to head on up to Steamboat Springs for another soak and probably a quick visit to Kent Eriksen to say hi to him and Katy. For some reason we were feeling the urge to head home.

After a good night’s sleep in our own wonderful bed, we woke up Saturday with a bug to head to Salida. Actually I did. Carol got on board and a couple hours later we were all in the car again headed South.

Once we turned off 285 to 291 (the road that heads into Salida) I finally relaxed for the first time in months. We met Dave Hill and his wife Victoria to see his shop (Dave makes Victoria Cycles) and grab a bite for dinner. Then off to some more hot springs for a soak and a night in the Simple Hotel and Hostel back in town (highly recommend it).

The next morning we headed off to BV and then Leadville to complete our loop, then back to Boulder. It was a great weekend, and with almost 1200 miles on the Outback over the last 10 days, I can say for sure that the car is a champ. Now I just need to get the bike racks on top… And maybe a mountain bike…

Big and plentiful vents, great design, and a little cage to hold your super-cool Rudy specs...

Big and plentiful vents, great design, and a little cage to hold your super-cool Rudy specs...

This weekend at RMBS the show director set us up just across from Rudy Project. I have always loved Rudy glasses and thought that it would be cool to be near them, but I had no idea.

Not only does Rudy make about 97 styels of great glasses with some of the best lenses around, but now they make a great helmet as well. I have never been all that impressed with the RP line of helmets, but their brand new Sterling helmet gives perennial heavies in the skid lid department a run for their money. It is very sharp looking, has some great, innovative features, and is light and well ventilated. Basically it’s the best helmet they’ve ever made by a long shot.

Now, as a complete geek for all things bike gear, I would be excited about the helmet of its own accord. But, better than that – we also picked up Rudy Project as a sponsor of the Hüdz-Subaru cyclocross team and the Grass-Roots Program. I’m flat out stoked. Again.

A look at Tyson's work. He has such nice details with his design. If you don't know them, you should...

A look at Tyson's work. He has such nice details with his design. If you don't know them, you should...

This past weekend was the Rocky Mountain Bicycle Show in Denver. Wow, what a busy weekend.  Good things happened for Hüdz all over the place.

Of particular interest for us – Hüdz and me personally – was the Rider’s Choice Award for Best Component or Accessory. Tyson Hart of Civilian Bicycles in Portland put up a custom frameset for the winner, so I went into the show wanting to take that home. Badly.

At the end of the weekend, Hüdz took the prize. I thanked Tyson about 20 times for donating the frameset and told him how excited I was to work with him on the project. I’m not in any hurry and I want to make sure that the bike I build with him is something that I will want to keep pretty much forever. This is going to be great.

In other RMBS news, Courage won Builder’s choice – Aaron builds fantastic bikes so that was great to see, and Ben Farver from Argonaut got to present the award as the winner last year. Those two guys are pretty good friends, so that was great. Renovo won Best Finishing for their incredible hardwood bikes as well as Best of Show (best individual bike). And, James Bleakley from Black Sheep Bicycles passed the Builder of the Year trophy (based on three frames or bicycles) to another legend of Ti building, and one of my favorites, Kent Eriksen.

Everyone seemed to have a fantastic weekend, and I normally hate doing shows, but I’m really looking forward to next year…

The kit definitely looks fast...

The kit definitely looks fast...

It’s been arduous, but Subaru signed off on our team kit yesterday. Here’s a quick look. The clothes will be made by Veloce Speedwear. It’s very nice clothing at a great price – something you don’t often find in the industry anymore. Seems like it’s almost normal for a nice pair of bibs to cost $200+. I remember getting a Suntour-Sprint-equipped Cannondale – my first racing bike – for little more than a pair of Assos bibs now cost.

Anyway, we’ll post a better image soon so that you can get a better look at the team’s sponsors on the kit – Hüdz, Subaru, Blue, TRP, Zipp, (probably Shimano, but if I get the right phone call by the end of the day it could be SRAM), Velonews, and Oskar Blues – ’cause it ain’t ‘cross without a cold beer when you finish.

Saturday at the Rocky Mountain Bicycle Show we’ll introduce the 10 Elite riders on the team and some of our Grass-Roots people…

We should be getting our licensing finished off this week, which is a big landmark for us. Subaru will be approving our kit this week also and we will get that into production – super tight timeline for Star Crossed in mid-September, but our clothing supplier – Veloce Speedwear – is really going to the mat for us.

Other sponsors involved with the team: Blue Competition Cycles – their new NorCross is off the hook, super light and very well designed. Everyone is chomping at the bit to get theirs in and throw a leg over it. Zipp is helping us out with some of their unbeatable wheels. The new hubs are sealed much better and the larger bearing make them much better for ‘cross, to say nothing of those sexy rims… TRP will be handling the unfortunate, but required duty of slowing us down. EuroX brakes give plenty of mud clearance and keep you in control, they’ve taken over as the standard from Spooky and Empella. Hopefully we’ll have or component groups sorted on Monday and a couple other bits to finish off the bikes.

Hüdz will obviously be throwing down with SoftGrip Enhancement Brake Hoods for the Team.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be ‘cross without great beer. So, Oskar Blues is going to be helping us out with sufficient libation to keep the whole thing running like a top.

If you have a chance, come out to the Rocky Mountain Bicycle Show and find out all about the Elite Team at our official launch, Saturday at 3.30. (Oh, there’ll be about 90 other great things at RMBS too, including free samples of beer from Colorado microbrewers including, you guessed it, Oskar Blues…)

Once we have everything nailed down this week, we’ll be announcing the Grass Roots Program also. We’ll have info and be taking contact information from anyone who’s interested at RMBS also. Since Hüdz is one of the major sponsors of the show, you’ll see us right up front.

More details coming soon.

An official announcement is coming, but we are in the process of getting all the details finalized for our 2009-10 Hudz-Subaru Cyclocross Team. Expect something official in the next two weeks as we get everything done at the last minute in order to make our clothing order in time to get kits for the USGP in Seattle and then on to Cross Vegas and the rest of a bang-up inaugural season.

Quick scoop: 10 Elite racers (5 men, 5 women, multiple national championships between them), a national Grass-Roots Program, probably some great Colorado-brewed beer will be involved, and more fun than you can shake a muddy stick at…

Come on, that’s gotta be a good enough reason that the blog has been neglected lately. That, and some sweet new product in the works…