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sidefrontrearWhen Subaru came on as co-sponsor for the ‘cross team I traded my Highlander Hybrid for a 2010 Outback. I love the new car – heck I’ve put about 1300 miles on it in two weeks and I’m going on another road trip with the family this weekend, and I used to hate having to drive…

Anyway, half of the point of upgrading the car was to pimp the team and the people who were nice enough to support the program. So here it is, in all it’s decal-laden splendor. It just so happens that the management company that owns Vista Auto Group also owns a couple NASCAR teams, so they loved the racing stripe design that we came up with. I think it makes the car faster, but what do I know about cars?

Look for this guy all over Colorado at cross races this fall, or streaking past on the way to the mountains (I have a bit of a lead foot, nothing ridiculous, but I like 85 more than 65…).

Also, if you’re wondering what goes on the other side of the Subaru logo on the back next to TRP, we’re just waiting on a Syntace logo from Magura USA and then we’ll finish that off properly.

If you’re digging the whole Hüdz-Subaru thing, check out and think about joining our Grass-Roots Program. We’ve got our Elite Team sponsors putting up some great discounts for the G-R team, so if you need a little help or motivation to get out and play in the mud and hop barriers, definitely check it out.


We should be getting our licensing finished off this week, which is a big landmark for us. Subaru will be approving our kit this week also and we will get that into production – super tight timeline for Star Crossed in mid-September, but our clothing supplier – Veloce Speedwear – is really going to the mat for us.

Other sponsors involved with the team: Blue Competition Cycles – their new NorCross is off the hook, super light and very well designed. Everyone is chomping at the bit to get theirs in and throw a leg over it. Zipp is helping us out with some of their unbeatable wheels. The new hubs are sealed much better and the larger bearing make them much better for ‘cross, to say nothing of those sexy rims… TRP will be handling the unfortunate, but required duty of slowing us down. EuroX brakes give plenty of mud clearance and keep you in control, they’ve taken over as the standard from Spooky and Empella. Hopefully we’ll have or component groups sorted on Monday and a couple other bits to finish off the bikes.

Hüdz will obviously be throwing down with SoftGrip Enhancement Brake Hoods for the Team.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be ‘cross without great beer. So, Oskar Blues is going to be helping us out with sufficient libation to keep the whole thing running like a top.

If you have a chance, come out to the Rocky Mountain Bicycle Show and find out all about the Elite Team at our official launch, Saturday at 3.30. (Oh, there’ll be about 90 other great things at RMBS too, including free samples of beer from Colorado microbrewers including, you guessed it, Oskar Blues…)

Once we have everything nailed down this week, we’ll be announcing the Grass Roots Program also. We’ll have info and be taking contact information from anyone who’s interested at RMBS also. Since Hüdz is one of the major sponsors of the show, you’ll see us right up front.

More details coming soon.

Winning the big one. Thanks Tijmen. 


Winning the big one. Thanks Tijmen.


When you want to get something done, particularly on a cyclocross bike, you should probably have a Dutch man or woman do it. You can also grab a Belgian, but not at the same time, that would just cause a fist-fight. 


Anyway. Today our BeNeLux Hudz distributor sent me an email with some pretty pictures in it. Pretty pictures of the first Hudz-using World Champion. He’s Dutch and it’s a cyclocross championship so I’m stoked. Oh, he’s also 17. Everyone please give a hand to Tijmen Eising.

Not that there is any good evidence to back me up here, but I think his 25 second margin of victory would have been stretched out to at least 45 seconds if Tijmen would have had our SoftGrip Enhancement Brake Hoods, and probably another 15 seconds if they had been the brand new v2 set for DA7800.

If you read this Tijmen, let me know where I can send a year’s supply of white SoftGrip Hudz to match your new jersey…

With Record cranks and brakes; Syntace bar, stem and post; Stan's wheels. Sweet.

With Record cranks and brakes; Syntace bar, stem and post; Stan's wheels. Sweet.




Here’s an update that I promised a long time ago. I thought that since the weather was nice enough to actually ride this puppy to work that I would put it up now. This is the incredibly coveted Raleigh Rainier limited edition single speed cross bike. I chose to kit mine out with a Record crankset and brake; TRP EuroX gold cantis; Syntace bar, stem and post; and some killer Stan’s ZTR Race tubeless wheels. Also, please note the brand new v2 Campy Ergo Enhancement Brake Hoods in our new Roubaix Red. 

I love this bike. As Ferris Bueller said, “If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up. It’s so choice.”

So one of the fun things that we get to do here is work with great racers. Every now and then – say when the Garmin-Chipotle team is in town, or one of the many bad-ass racers in Boulder needs something they stop by and grab some Hudz, or get some tech info, or just give me a hard time because it’s fun to do.

Today one of the most frighteningly talented women in US racing came by – Amy Dombroski. We sponsor her Webcor team, so when she was in need of some new brake hoods for her cross bike she had her superstar race mechanic ‘Double-D’ get in touch to see if we could take care of her. Of course.

If you don’t know Amy, she is a savage both on the road, and especially on a cross bike. She podiumed at TT nationals this year, raced all over the world, and then started cross season by picking up some big wins including Gloucester – cross world’s of the east coast. Oh, and she’s barely old enough to drink legally.

So watch for Amy cleaning up at a national ‘cross race in your neighborhood with some of our new SoftGrip Hudz on her Sram-equipped Kona cross bike. They’re blue, and if I do say so myself, look the business.

… of someone who is writing a work-related blog (strange to think of this as one, but it’s true) I have completely dropped the ball on updates for the last weeks due to being insanely busy. 

So here’s the quick scoop:

Went to Veloswap last weekend and spent an inordinate amount of time getting ready to sell a ton of gear that has been accumulating for years in the shop and in my basement. Surprisingly, the sales were rather slow on high-end stuff and so I just came home with most of it and will have to post it online – bit of a waste, but it did finally get me to catalog everything that I want to get rid of, so that will make the posting easier.

Getting ready for RMBS this weekend. Will be officially introducing our new SoftGrip Hudz. We have had a batch of crossers using these for the last month or so and the feedback has been great. The Hudz are made with a slightly softer and grippy-er compound so they are perfect for cross, touring and recreational riders. For the serious set, we will still be making our “Original Enhancement Brake Hoods.”

Also, yesterday I received a package from Stellina Sport – a lovely Alan cross frame to test. It is being built up with AlphaQ bits, a Sram drivetrain, and RoL carbon cross wheels (used by Katie Compton no less). I’ll be writing cross tech reviews this winter, and this is tester bike to make sure that I’m literate and able to write for the website. 

Lots of other little things going on as well, but we’ll save those for another day.

It’s about a week to RMBS and part of the reason that I can’t wait for the show is that I will be able to ride my cross bike after it. That would have to be the biggest down side of shows – you have to keep the bikes perfect until afterwards and so they sit there begging to be ridden, but you can’t do it. It’s almost brutal.

Soon enough though.

I’m also looking forward to testing out some new gear – shoes, brakes, etc. I got a couple sets of the 3T Ergosum Team bars in; the shape is outstanding, I think they will be perfect. It will still be a bit until the Hudz are done for the 7900 Dura-Ace, so I will have to wait to have everything truly finished…

It’s fall and that means two things here ‘In The Hudz’ – trade shows and cyclocross. The first I consider to be the bane of my existence until I actually get there, then I enjoy it for a day or two, and eventually return to the BoE feelings by the third day. The second is the reason that I still love bikes. 

This weekend is the BlueSky cross at Xilinx in Longmont. I think that I’ll head over there and see some of my people. Might even fill the truck with Hudz and try to sell some. That may be a bit more effort than I want to go through a week before VeloSwap, so that may actually get ditched.

Personally, I have been without a cross bike for longer than I like to think is real. Fortunately, I have a carbon-Alu number coming from Alan here shortly, and a steel bike from Chris Kopp in Denver (my design, his fabrication, should be killer). From there it will be a race to see how fast I can get them built up and ready to roll. Other cool projects to follow… Maybe one like this…


Sorry, Brian, I stole the pic, but it's too cool...

Sorry, Brian, I stole the pic, but it