2010 was a very complicated year. At least it was for us. 2011 isn’t starting out particularly easier, but I think the payoff is going to be big…

One of the great changes is that in addition to having Tom Hopper (of Slipstream and Hüdz-Subaru CX fame) taking care of our fulfillment and logistics in the office, we have hired a great guy to take over as our Distribution and Sales Manager. Trent Schilousky has been contracting with us for about a month, and soon he’ll a full-time force getting the Hüdz brand into the cycling gestalt.

Our cyclocross team was a wonderful surprise on the dirt. With 8 UCI wins, a world championship selection, dozens of UCI podiums, and countless race victories, we couldn’t be happier. Unfortunately, Hüdz terminated it’s sponsorship in December after Chuck Coyle’s doping suspension and some behind the scenes schenanigans that we didn’t want our company to have any part in.

We’re looking forward to the racing season – on the road we’ll be working with teams like Amore e’ Vita, scores of regional racing programs, and a top-tier team or two if things go according to plan. Unfortunately both Webcor and Vera Bradley Foundation are no longer fielding professional women’s teams, so we are looking for great women’s programs to support. Hopefully this is all sorted shortly and the peloton is filled with a rainbow of colored hoods.

The projects that were stifled last year are roaring back to life, and it looks like it will be a very busy year.

Also, on the blog side of the Hüdz world, we’ve decided to add a new feature: Belgian Beer Fridays.

We used to have “Beer Friday” in the office. That hasn’t happened much in the last year, and we’re bringing it back, but with a twist. We will select either a Belgian or Belgian-style beer every Friday and the group of us will post our impressions on the brew. From time to time, we’ll even have a celebrity member of the panel and do a little Q&A with them. So make sure you check back regularly – starting this week – for Belgian Beer Fridays.