At this point it seem that everyone knows that the hills outside Boulder, CO are on fire. Initially fire fighters said it would take 3-4 days to get the (at the time) 3500 acre fire under control. Then we had some wind, and then some rain, and then more burning. At this point the whole thing has burned about 10,000 acres and a number of homes. It’s not good, and despite the best efforts of fire fighters from all over the state and constant sorties by slurry planes and helicopters carrying hundreds of gallons of water, there doesn’t seem to be an eminent end in sight.

What makes things bad is the winds that have kicked up tonight. Gusts are apparently over 50mph and most of west Boulder has received notice that they may need to evacuate. Hopefully the worst won’t happen.

Since this is Boulder, I guess I’ll just say, “Send good vibes…”