My wife had the flu for about 10 days. It was gnarly, but fortunately my son and I were up in Breckenridge visiting my family for most of that time and when we got back the contagion was over… Or so I thought.

Saturday I woke up with the same sore throat that she had complained of a couple weeks earlier. Surely this wasn’t the same bug. But it was definitely a bug.

About mid-day I felt horrible: achy, weak, flu-like.

I started pounding vitamin C, Zinc, and Oscillococcinum. I slept 14 hours that night. Sunday I was tired and had a ripper of a headache, but really no worse than the day before. Today, I ahve to say I feel relatively fine.

I’m keeping up on the naturopathic regimen, but I may have stopped this one in it’s tracks.

Of course, my son doing his impression of Niagara falls with vomit this morning has me a bit nervous, but I’m hopeful.

Two and a half weeks to Vegas.

2.5 weeks to get the ‘cross team ready to impress. 16 days to have Hüdz sorted. 377 hours to have the intellectual property and product development for things we want to sell to other companies perfected.

Zero time to be sick.