Time has come to do the shake-out rides on the ‘cross bikes. I still haven’t gotten the single speed out to play with like I’d want to. Part of the reason is that it has a seat tube that must be cut to measure and I don’t want to lop that off until I’m 100% dialed in on the geared bikes with standard seatposts. The other part is that I have a couple bikes that could conceivably be raced this year that are ahead of the single in the line-up of doing shake-out rides.

What I’m loving so far are the new Fizik Antares saddles (replacing San Marco Zoncolons), and the Rotor chainrings – they keep the traction on the back wheel up even on steep, loose sections where I would normally spin the back tire like a roulette wheel.

Also, with more time on them and more fine-tuning adjustments, I’m loving the ALINE insoles and the Northwave Razer shoes. The combination makes me feel much more connected and stable than last year running custom-molded Shimano shoes with Your Sole insoles (also heat molded).

What I can’t wait for is the arrival of our new clothing from Curve. Last year the ‘cross program went with Veloce clothing on the recommendation of a friend that had used them. Aside from the issues we had actually dealing with the company and their various mistakes with the kits, the shorts are the most uncomfortable that I have ever used and have caused more chafing this year than I have encountered in the last 20 on a bike.

Lots of work to still do, and it’s likely that I won’t actually be able to race Cross Vegas because we will be doing the big Hüdz display at the race and I have a ton of meetings and drop-bys that are coming. It’s not a decision yet, and it may not be until the night of, but reality of running a business has set in again and right now I have to put that in front of getting spanked by every other member of the industry that got an entry…