In Italian instead of saying good luck or break a leg you say “In bocca al lupo” – into the wolves mouth. The response is ‘Crepi la lupo,’ or bleed/kill the wolf.

Why is this relevant?

Well, on Saturday at the Rocky Mountain Bicycle Festival my two partners in Fasterisbetter Technical Consulting and Product Development (part of Applied Cycling Labs, Inc. which owns Hüdz) decided that the three of us would have to race ‘Cross Vegas together in the Wheeler/Dealer race.

Tom is fit. He’s been riding with Jake Wells and a lot of other strong guys all summer and he’s calling a top 5 finish. Eric is fit too. He’s been running and riding all summer.

I’m not fit. I’ve been working at it, but loosing 20 pounds still doesn’t get me what I’d consider fit.

This is definitely going to be charging into the wolf’s mouth. It’s gonna hurt. Like hell.

Of course the upside is that I’ll have street cred for the year with the team. I’m thinking I’ll do it on the single-speed. That way when I get shelled in the first minute I’ll be able to just cruise around and use the ‘only one gear’ excuse. Plus my sscx looks so cool that people can’t give me that much crap… At least I hope so.

So on Wednesday next week we’re going to start the weekly ‘cross tune up riders (one week before the regular ride starts). In Boulder the weekly ride is known as Wednesday Worlds. With the calibre of riders that show up, it really is. The number of National Championship jersey winners that show up to this ride is more than probably anywhere else in the country. If nothing else, this will get me used to taking my beating like a man…

See you out there.