Anyone who watched the Tour coverage from today could clearly see Andy Schleck’s rear wheel hop off the ground after putting in an attack that left Alberto Contador in the dust. The hop was the result of a mechanical that Contador  – who was sitting 4 meters behind him – absolutely had to see. There was no question that Schleck was slowing and unclipping from his pedals when AC came around him on his counter. It was a move that garnered jeers and boos at the podium ceremony and it rightfully should have.

There has not been a more class-less move in recent racing memory. There is an etiquette among riders that you don’t attack when someone has a mechanical – and you absolutely don’t do it at the Tour when the guy with the mechanical is in the Yellow Jersey.

I’ll admit that I have never been a Contador fan. His rise to prominence was just too suspicious. One year he’s loosing 4 minutes in every time trial he does, the next he wins most of them. Does that sound odd to anyone else?

But today he firmly cemented himself as a rider that I will never respect. Of course he says he didn’t know about Schleck’s mechanical. But there is no question that he saw it from the video. He may win the Tour this year, he may win it by far more than the 39 seconds he gained today. But he will never be a deserving winner. This year’s race will always be the one where he disregarded the rules of the peleton and stole the yellow jersey from a much classier rider.

I never expected anything positive from AC, yet his actions today were truly disappointing.

And good on Andy for chasing back on the climb like he did. That was a display of absolute courage and defiance that I think everyone loved seeing. If he had been behind a motor like Sammy Sanchez on the descent, he probably could have caught Alberto.