Today’s stage of the Tour de France has been a fairly controversial stage from the day it was introduced. Many of the usual Grand Tour Contenders say that cobbles have no place in the Tour. They say “It’s not Paris-Roubaix…”

My quick question is this, “Who said the Tour was your race?”

I think it was a brilliant idea. The point of the Tour is to challenge riders to be their best and to be complete riders. Since most of those riders usually skip the best classics (RVV, P-R, etc.) as a matter of “safety” or ‘preparing to peak in July” I think it’s an excellent challenge to throw in there. Eddy Merckx wouldn’t have complained, he probably would have attacked and put a minute or two on the pure climbers.

With Andy Schleck, Alberto Contador, and most of the other favorites complaining about stage 3 the man who gets the most street cred from the whole thing is Lance Armstrong. He hasn’t whined, he road Flanders, and hopefully he will hit out on the end of the stage with his team and put some distance between himself and the riders who said that cobbles had no place in the Tour.