So the goal to ride 70 days in a row before my birthday a week ago fell short on day 60 when my wife was out of town and I fell asleep putting my son to sleep. It has been a brutal day at the office and I didn’t have time to hit the road, so I planned on the backup – trainer after Riis was in bed. Unfortunately I fell asleep before he did and when I woke up hours later it just wasn’t going to happen.

So I settled on making the new goal riding or running 70 days total before my birthday – which meant one rest day if my legs were too trashed from running. I made it and decided that I got a week off for all the effort that had been put in getting there. Of course when that week includes a weekend soaking in hot springs in Ouray and chasing a 3-year old around all over tarnation that may or may not be a real week of rest.

Today I have to get back to it. And I have to say that the quick respite has reinvigorated me. I’m looking forward to breaking in a new set of running shoes and spending more time on the bike – real time rather than obligated-gotta-do-it-every-day-time; time with intensity, intervals, and probably a lot of getting dropped trying to get speed back also.

For those who care – I also have my car back. I never thought I’d be so happy to see a station wagon in my life…