I have a new rule: Never take a business meeting on April 1. I did, hence the new rule.

For the last couple years Hüdz have been produced in Denver, CO. We like doing things locally because this is our community and rather than absolutely maximizing our profits, we like to concentrate on running a company that makes great products and does so in the most socially-responsible way possible. Part of that is keeping shipping (thus fuel usage) to a minimum and keeping our business local.

At my April 1 meeting our (now former) manufacturer basically told us that they wanted to make more money and eliminate all their business risk in working with us because other sides of their business were not doing well and the banks were all over them. They were going to put the screws to us and didn’t really care about how that effected our business.

On April 2 I began looking for a new manufacturer.

Last Friday we moved all of our inventory, molds, and raw materials to the new – still Front-Range-based – company. Our new molders are still ISO-9001 certified, medical-grade injection molders. The quality of our parts will be just as good as with the old company, but we will have a better partner for product development and prototyping which will help us as the Hüdz range grows.

The last two months have been fairly tumultuous here, but I have no doubt that they were worth it to be working with a company like the one we just moved to. As an added bonus, I don’t have to drive to Denver anymore and get caught in traffic jams on I-25…

It will take about a week to be running on all cylinders again, but we are shipping orders and working through everything efficiently to ensure the least disruption possible. In fact, it seems that even in this change-over period that we have been able to work with our new partner more efficiently than the old one even when things were in full swing for them. Again, I’m really excited about this move…