So Hüdz is a big sponsor of the Rocky Mountain Bicycle Festival. This year it is, no, officially moving to Leadville to run concurrent with the Leadville Trail 100 MTB Race. Sweet. There are about 25,000 people milling around town, some great racing, and now there will be something for everyone to do in the hours between when riders are actually visible to spectators. I love Leadville, so to me this is absolutely fantastic.

Of course this puts pressure on us. There are things we were thinking about introducing at Interbike that maybe now we’ll try to unveil in Leadville since there will be less competition for attention than in Vegas. We’ll have to hold back some goodies for IB, but since I largely dislike the organization behind that show, and pretty much despise Vegas, it’ll be nice to trickle out some things before that on a decent-sized stage.

So come to Leadville August 13 & 14, have a beer and check out some super cool bike toys. Oh, and some other guy also named Lance is supposed to be racing and I think that’s some kind of big deal…