It’s a rare treat – a double-post day. The gnarly winds here are probably to thank.

We were out riding and some how this little ditty came to mind. Feel free to incorporate it into you next ride involving sustained 30mph headwinds with gust up to 50. (Note: It must be sung with your best redneck twang. Think Cracker’s Dr. Bernice)

Well my legs feel like rubbish
And this chamois is crap.
My old dog chases mountain bikers
So they’re puttin’ him down.
Now my brain’s got no oxygen
And my lungs got no air.
But as long as I’m ridin’
This Eye-talian bicycle
I can tell you son
That I truly don’t care.

Do with it what you will. To be honest it scares me a bit how easily it came together in my head…

Day 40 is in the books. Go have a good ride…