My name is Lance, and I am a workaholic.

“Hi Lance.”

This weekend I hit days 31 and 32 of my required 35 days in a row of riding before my birthday in 6 weeks. When I passed day 30 on Friday it made me think of how self-destructive and self-perpetuating slide that I was on had become. I worked too much. For a long time. (Average 100+ hours a week for about 7-ish years). At first I was just not getting to ride. Then things got ugly.

Now I am recovering, on my way back, and not letting anything get in my way.

My back went out this weekend. It was pretty sore on Saturday, but I pushed through it and did about 40 minutes on the trainer. Today when I got out of bed, I actually fell over trying to stand up straight. Still got in 55 minutes on the trainer and sorted things out with the Chiro later in the day. (Trainer is much safer when the back is out or other malady is bringing me down – I tell my son “Safety First” when he gets in daredevil mode, I feel like I have to follow the same guidelines more or less…)

Wednesday will be day 35. And I have to say that I feel a pretty good sense of accomplishment about this. Last year I rode maybe a dozen days or so. I had constant tendonitis problems that I would have to take a week off after just about every ride to deal with those. And I was sick as hell from a soy allergy and vegetarian diet high in soy. While I still have a very long raod ahead to get where I want to be and to maybe be able to hang with the girls on the Hüdz-Subaru cross team this fall (still probably not likely, they are some fast women) I’m at least going in the right direction.

On the business side of life, things have been going in a dozen good directions lately. I’m pretty excited about that and should have some things to post about that this week and in the weeks to come. Stay tuned, you won’t want to miss this…