I’m 23 days into my 35 days in a row before I turn 35 and out of nowhere the entire town of Boulder gets hit with some sort of plague. Actually the plague has been going on for a week or so now, but I just woke up this morning (after a 30 minute trainer session last night to keep the streak going since I was too sick to ride outside) feeling like true and unadulterated rubbish.

Part of my question is how does this happen when the weather is actually coming good here and illness should have been left behind like the winter snow. Probably part of the answer is that we’ve had a couple solid snows since May began here and while it’s not unheard of, it just ain’t right.

So my dilemma comes – do I keep the streak alive and hit the trainer again today and tomorrow (based on other people’s progressions tomorrow should be my worst day) and risk making myself sicker by taxing my system, or do I exercise discretion as the better part of valor and start over (drop dead is May 20 before I absolutely have to ride every day no matter what). To be honest neither prospect sounds particularly appealing.

So for now, I feel like bullocks and I have a no-win choice to make. At least it’s Saturday and I can procrastinate for a little while…