This weekend I will pass the half way point. I promised myself that I would ride 35 days in a row before my 35th birthday. That was a pretty big goal since I had probably ridden 35 days in the past 3 years or so. I realize that’s pathetic since I work for/own a cycling-related company, but I was in a ‘put business first’ mode and asthmatic/sleep deprived/thyroid deficient/suffering from sleep apnea/too physically screwed up to do anything worth doing.

So over the past year I’ve worked out the medical problems (turns out a soy allergy was a big factor in everything), gotten some great support that I can really count on at the office, found some training partners who will roll with me and re-found my motivation for riding. Of course some nice toys don’t hurt either and having a bike at home and one at the office that I absolutely love makes it easier to jump out and make myself suffer.

So today is day 16 and I’ve lost about a pound a day. It reminds me of the summer after my sophomore year in college after I crashed and broke my bike and got injured – I took two months and ate pizza and drank beer and got tragically out of shape. When summer hit I started training again, got up to about 30 hours a week within a month and lost more than 40 pounds over that time period. Of course I would like to take the best of that (got down to 124 pounds and was faster and stronger than I have ever been) and leave the bad parts (blew out both knees running and had to have them rebuilt).

No guarantees at this time, but I think I just might be fit for ‘cross season if I can keep this up.

Now if I could just find an mtb pedal/cleat that doesn’t have float. I just switched to SPD-SL fixed cleats and it has solved what seemed to be an interminable patellar tendonitis problem…