But I had no idea just how much you could do with a simple iphone. Last night I downloaded the bicycle gear calculator that everyone other than me seemed to have. I figured it could be helpful for setting up my fixed gear and sscx bikes based on the gears I’m riding most often on the road and cx bikes. Of course apple is too smart to just let me get away with my $5 purchase and they suggest that I also get Cyclemeter for another $5.

So I look at the app, decide that it’s worth $5 for me to get my ride stats without having to put a computer on my bike (that doesn’t work very well, since I’m constantly switching from one bike to another and have a hard time remembering my shoes much less a silly computer) and I buy it too.

Today was the first ride, and as much as I prefer to just go out and roll my legs around at this point in the year, I have to say that getting all the info was great. I don’t have it staring me in the face while I’m out riding so it doesn’t effect what I’m doing on the road, it just gives me something to look at when I’m done. And the coolest thing – from my perspective – is that it logs everything for you in a calendar so you don’t have to take 10 minutes when you’re done and enter that stuff yourself.

I’m gonna carry my phone anyway when I ride, this just makes the thing more than a paperweight and emergency beacon. Cool. Oh, and it’s a xxxx-load cheaper than buying a Garmin…