Headed out for a ride today at about 1.00 and as soon as I stepped out the door it started sprinkling. The Weather Channel said that shouldn’t be happening until later in the day, so I was a bit put off and headed back in with the hope that it would pass in the next hour or so.

The rain stopped very shortly thereafter, but we never got the sun that TWC was promising, so Soren and I decided to head out into the 50-ish degree in our 65-degree weather clothing (again, TWC promised…). After getting out of our little office complex we were really able to appreciate the bite of a 15mph wind when it’s a humid 50-something. There was only one decision to make – go short, but go hard.

So we went out for about 45 minutes and just traded hard pulls every couple minutes to complete what seemed like the best ride we could hope for given the circumstances. We made the right-hand turn to the road our office is on and the rain that had been falling on us for the last five minutes stopped, the wind died, and the sun came out. How ’bout that for timing…