In Flanders Fabian won with the legs, in Roubaix he won with his head and his heart.

There was little question that Cance and TB were the strongest at Paris-Roubaix. Sure I think Fabian would have won regardless – if it came down to who had the good legs – but the fact that he was paying attention and saw Boonen go to the back of the chase group to have a little temper tantrum because people weren’t helping him chase enough showed the difference between a champion and an also-ran that day. Fabian kept cool and collected and put in a brilliant attack and Boonen opened the door by acting like a 3-year-old.

Mind you Cance time-trialed away from 8 of the best Northern Classics riders on the planet now, so he had the legs to do what was needed. I’m going to argue that it was his day regardless of whether Boonen kept his head together or not. I just find the contrast between someone who is a head-to-toe professional like Fabian, and a great racer who is stronger than he is classy like Tom to be set in perfect relief here.

…Especially after all of Tom’s trash talking the week leading up to Roubaix.

Now let’s see how they pull off the Amstel this weekend. Who would have ever expected Scandinavia to play such a key role in the spring classics (no offense to you, Maggy…)