There is nothing in road racing like this coming week. It is the pinnacle of the season for me. Flanders followed by Paris-Roubaix – it packs more drama into two days of brutal racing than you see in an entire 3-week choreographed grand tour. I know this is basically heresy in the US where most people think that real cycling starts and ends in July with everything else on the calendar being insignificant tune-up races (they race in other months right?), but for me there is nothing that matches the sheer elation of sitting on the couch with a large Belgian beer watching hardmen in ridiculous conditions go out and pound on each other like streetfighters over roads that would make reasonable people find an alternate route. If you think attacking on the last climb of the day and winning a time trial are anywhere close to this in terms of excitement, I have to say I’m stupefied.

So here’s to Cancellara finally winning the RVV, and some sort of surprise on the velodrome in Roubaix (or maybe a Cance double?). Maybe Emma Johanssen can win the women’s RVV this year also, that’d be great to see. Regardless at the end of the day you know that the best racer will have won and that they will have suffered profoundly to do it. I’ll be watching and driving my family nuts since I won’t pay attention to anything else during those precious few hours of television coverage.

Man I love the Spring Classics… of course it’s a long time until ‘cross season once they’re over…