The Hüdz-Subaru car is packed to the gills. Jared will arrive at my house at 3.10, we’ll grab Jesse at 3.40, and we’ll be on 70 headed to Vegas by 4.00 am tomorrow. I’m preloading the espresso maker tonight so that I can have a moster cup of coffee on the way west. 6 shots here, please.

The logical question is why are we going so early? We finished a new mold on Friday and just ran production on it, so if we want Hüdz from it on bikes at the Interbike OutDoor Demo, that means we need to be at the Demo by about 2.30 pm to help people install the hoods. That means lots of sore hands at the end of the day – stretching more than three or four sets on in rapid succession uses muscles in ways that bike riders just aren’t used to…

From there we work the Demo on Monday and part of Tuesday. Tuesday at noon we need to be at the Cross Vegas setup to choose our booth space and help with the layout of the Expo. Then we head to the Show floor to pick up stuff from people, install some Hüdz, and do some general merry making.

Tuesday night is ‘the ritual’ – a three-part process whereby we get a barbershop shave at Art of Shaving, have burger at the Burger Bar, and then finish it off with a drink at the steakhouse in the Mandalay Bay (of course this year I won’t be having a drink, but the again I think a few people from the team will be joining us and probably won’t be drinking either).

Wednesday the show opens and we have meeting scheduled from 9 am to 4 pm, then run over to the Cross race to work all night – straight through the Sinclair party, which we will seriously be working unlike most of the people in attendance. Thursday we’ll repeat the meetings at the show and then figure out the evening as it comes. Friday we are sticking around until about noon and then driving back to Boulder.

For those who think Interbike must be a lot of fun, think about that schedule before you get envious of those who go. And, yes, somehow it actually is fun because you get to see a lot of friends in the industry that you just don’t get to see enough.

We’ll try to take some photos and show you cool toys from the show from other people as we can.