sidefrontrearWhen Subaru came on as co-sponsor for the ‘cross team I traded my Highlander Hybrid for a 2010 Outback. I love the new car – heck I’ve put about 1300 miles on it in two weeks and I’m going on another road trip with the family this weekend, and I used to hate having to drive…

Anyway, half of the point of upgrading the car was to pimp the team and the people who were nice enough to support the program. So here it is, in all it’s decal-laden splendor. It just so happens that the management company that owns Vista Auto Group also owns a couple NASCAR teams, so they loved the racing stripe design that we came up with. I think it makes the car faster, but what do I know about cars?

Look for this guy all over Colorado at cross races this fall, or streaking past on the way to the mountains (I have a bit of a lead foot, nothing ridiculous, but I like 85 more than 65…).

Also, if you’re wondering what goes on the other side of the Subaru logo on the back next to TRP, we’re just waiting on a Syntace logo from Magura USA and then we’ll finish that off properly.

If you’re digging the whole Hüdz-Subaru thing, check out and think about joining our Grass-Roots Program. We’ve got our Elite Team sponsors putting up some great discounts for the G-R team, so if you need a little help or motivation to get out and play in the mud and hop barriers, definitely check it out.