We should be getting our licensing finished off this week, which is a big landmark for us. Subaru will be approving our kit this week also and we will get that into production – super tight timeline for Star Crossed in mid-September, but our clothing supplier – Veloce Speedwear – is really going to the mat for us.

Other sponsors involved with the team: Blue Competition Cycles – their new NorCross is off the hook, super light and very well designed. Everyone is chomping at the bit to get theirs in and throw a leg over it. Zipp is helping us out with some of their unbeatable wheels. The new hubs are sealed much better and the larger bearing make them much better for ‘cross, to say nothing of those sexy rims… TRP will be handling the unfortunate, but required duty of slowing us down. EuroX brakes give plenty of mud clearance and keep you in control, they’ve taken over as the standard from Spooky and Empella. Hopefully we’ll have or component groups sorted on Monday and a couple other bits to finish off the bikes.

Hüdz will obviously be throwing down with SoftGrip Enhancement Brake Hoods for the Team.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be ‘cross without great beer. So, Oskar Blues is going to be helping us out with sufficient libation to keep the whole thing running like a top.

If you have a chance, come out to the Rocky Mountain Bicycle Show and find out all about the Elite Team at our official launch, Saturday at 3.30. (Oh, there’ll be about 90 other great things at RMBS too, including free samples of beer from Colorado microbrewers including, you guessed it, Oskar Blues…)

Once we have everything nailed down this week, we’ll be announcing the Grass Roots Program also. We’ll have info and be taking contact information from anyone who’s interested at RMBS also. Since Hüdz is one of the major sponsors of the show, you’ll see us right up front.

More details coming soon.