DSC_0026It seemed like they would never be finished – we submitted our CAD files to our mold maker in early February to get rolling on the new Campy v3 (11-speed/2009 compatible) Enhancement Brake Hoods. Unfortunately it took until late May for them to actually get our part file perfected and get the mold designed. So I did what any reasonable business owner would do – I brought a 230-pound thug (the product development guy at my injection molding company who was an all-state linebacker and general thug in high school, though he’s a really nice guy now) to help me straighten things out…

Now a mere month later we have sample parts on hand and our mold is running our first production cycle. We should have these babies unleashed on the world shortly. So far my friend Nathan has gotten a sample set and he says right on – the shape changes are subtle, but the effect is dramatic DSC_0034
and I confidently say that they are significantly more comfortable than the stock OE hoods, which is always our goal.

So here are some photos to give you an idea of what to expect.

Also, as of Sunday, our DA7900 and Campy v3 Enhancement Brake Hoods are listed on the e-commerce section of our website. We expect those parts to be shipping early next week, so put in your order now to be one of the first to receive them.