So this morning we ran a proof of our new mold for the Campy Ergo g3 (2009 lever shape) compatible Enhancement Brake Hoods. It was a demon to fit on the lever, but it finally stretched on there and man, it fits tight and perfect. That will make a trip to Denver worth while.

Samples of the new EBHs were promptly boxed up and have been expressed to France for – I kid you not – a project bicycle being presented to President Sarkozy. The company building the bike is called VeloIdeal and they have done a number of very nice projects in the past – this one, a French Tri-Color, is certainly an exciting one to be included in.

Capping off my trip down to Denver was a stop in to see frame-builder friend Chris Kopp. Chris was the master-builder at Yeti until they moved all the production over to Asia, he does some very nice work. Looks like CK may come on and take part in a project that we are getting together for the fall/winter…