There are a lot of developmental programs in the world of cycling from the local 5280/TIAA-CREF squad, to the JET-Cycling team out in SoCal. We really like that there are people out there that just want to get new blood into the sport and introduce a new generation of riders to how to do things right.

This last week I had the chance to talk to Michael Engleman or the US Women’s Cycling Development Program about a racer that we are trying to put together support for the upcoming cyclocross season. Both Mike and I are big fans of this lass and would like to see her continue her progression to international domination, probably before her 25th birthday if recent years are any indication. While trying to figure out how to dove-tail logistics a bit to be as efficient as possible with our small budget, we got sidetracked and worked out a Hudz sponsorship of the program as well.

Michael has been running the USWCDP for a while, and while you may not have heard much about them, they are responsible for some of the biggest names in women’s pro cycling – names like Mara Abbot, Kristen Armstrong, and Amy Dombroski. It’s an incredible program that is run an incredibly classy guy with the kind of experience that any Pro-Tour team would love to have – and we are pretty stoked to now have some small part in helping them along.

When you have a couple minutes to burn, check our their website, or their diary on…