I have to admit, I am stoked. I mean like a kid trying to keep it together a week before Christmas.

On Monday my new custom shoes will arrive at D2 in Eagle. Unfortunately it will be an entire week before we are together since I will swing down to D2 on the way back from a weekend in Steamboat Spring and a trip to Moots. 

I got hooked on custom shoes about 5-6 years ago when my friend Bart Sheldrake made me a custom set of Lust shoes. Years later I was brought on to help David Simmons develop a line of custom cycling shoes, a few promising iterations into it David and the project disappeared quixotically. 

At RMBS last year I got to meet Don Lamson (famous for his shoes of the same name and one of the original guys in the world making custom cycling shoes) of D2 and began talking to him – at my wife’s urging – about getting new shoes. The particularly great thing about the shoes that I’m getting is that they are a brand new design that Don has been making for guys on the Slipstream team this year. The new version is a hybrid of the Super Crit and Pro Road shoes with a couple of unique twists.

I’ll document the pickup and final fitting when I get to D2…