… Or more precisely an organic veggie burger on a gluten-free bun with non-dairy almond cheese. I usually don’t eat quite that fanatically, but it’s what I could put together from what we had around. 

The reason for cheeseburger celebration, you ask? Another trip back to the Boulder Indoor Cycling complex; and a successful one at that. I actually put some real time on my super-cool custom Ti track bike, got in a fair workout, and gained a bit more confidence on that bizarre loop of marine-grade plywood. 

It’s still a bit of an unnerving track – with a good deal more topography than one would usually expect from a velodrome. There are little dips and wiggles in the surface that mean no one can completely stick a line, particularly when diving 15 feet down from the top of the banking into the sprinter’s lane for the 40 meter straightaway before plowing into a 1.6G turn. The track measures 142 meters at the blue line and only 127 from the sprinter’s lane, so it’s a dainty little thing as well.

Today’s session was instructed by my friend (and local pro diesel man) Chuck Coyle,  and my friend Nathan went through the track certification with me. Nathan dug the track. He jumped right up and took to the boards like a natural. 

I’ll be back. Heck, I have to go back to at least pick up my bike – I left it for one of the owners to ride…