Winning the big one. Thanks Tijmen. 


Winning the big one. Thanks Tijmen.


When you want to get something done, particularly on a cyclocross bike, you should probably have a Dutch man or woman do it. You can also grab a Belgian, but not at the same time, that would just cause a fist-fight. 


Anyway. Today our BeNeLux Hudz distributor sent me an email with some pretty pictures in it. Pretty pictures of the first Hudz-using World Champion. He’s Dutch and it’s a cyclocross championship so I’m stoked. Oh, he’s also 17. Everyone please give a hand to Tijmen Eising.

Not that there is any good evidence to back me up here, but I think his 25 second margin of victory would have been stretched out to at least 45 seconds if Tijmen would have had our SoftGrip Enhancement Brake Hoods, and probably another 15 seconds if they had been the brand new v2 set for DA7800.

If you read this Tijmen, let me know where I can send a year’s supply of white SoftGrip Hudz to match your new jersey…