If you check out the Hudz website you will see that we have now posted our Product Upgrade Program; this allows people who bought sets of our Enhancement Brake Hoods for DA7800 and Campy Ergo v2 to upgrade their Hudz from our original molds to new one that we just finished which incorporate a number of design and process changes. There is no substitute for experience and since these are our 5th an 6th molds this last year we now have a much better command of what makes the best part possible than we did when we started.

Anyway. If you were bold and supported our new company by buying one of our DA7800 or Campy Ergo brake hoods last year, you can upgrade to the newest version of those for half price. It’s our way to say thank you and to let everyone know that we appreciate their support and will continue to work hard to make the best products possible.

See the announcement on the Hudz home page here.