Last week the Slipstream/Garmin-Chipotle team was in town. I should have remembered because Allen told me when everything was happening, but we’ve been so busy with new Hudz for 09 that it slipped my mind. Thankfully my wife is amazing and out of the blue said, “Let’s go get a drink at the St. Julien and sit by the fire,” since we had a babysitter and were trying to figure out what to do.

So I go with it.

We arrive at the St. Julien and there are three huge Slipstream trailers/busses out back. Hmmm. We get inside and the first thing I do is run into Meatball – the infamous Mike Friedman. Meatball is one of the warmest, most personable guys on a bike. It makes you wonder how a guy so nice, and seemingly well adjusted could want to punish himself for hours in the hardest races in the world. Meatball wants to be a classics guy (or as he tells it, his oversized butt forces him to be a classics guy). 

Of course, then you notice that Meatball is in fact walking around the 5-star hotel in a waffle shirt, perversely tight swim trunks, argyle socks and Chuck Taylors with a set of goggles on his head and you realize that nice and a little nuts can co-exist very well. 

Anyway. It was great to see Maggy and Lucas, and of course Meatball. Dave Z says that we are now friends for life, and all for the low, low price of two pounds of killer coffee. I’m really looking forward to working with the team again this year. Once again, things will be a lot more serious than the year before – but the payoff will certainly be worth it. 

Good luck guys.

p.s. Meatball has promised to forward a photo of him in that getup. It’s classic. Maybe I’ll even post it when it comes…