I am not a judeo-christian, but the best TV show ever was the West Wing and Jed Bartlett used to quote scripture so there’s a chance that anything he said I can regurgitate.

It’s Saturday morning in Boulder and that means rituals before the ride. Mind you, I’m not saying pre-ride rituals, what I mean is my ever-Saturday ritual of taking Riis – my almost 2-year-old son – out for coffee when we wake up. It’s great because Mom gets more sleep and Dad gets caffeinated while the G-man (Riis) gets a cinnamon roll as big as his head and shows it who’s boss.

This morning we went to Logan’s in North Boulder. We change it up fairly regularly and go from spot to spot. Today we ran into Holly Beggs – one of the world’s all-time great massage therapists and long-time friend – and her boyfriend Brian. Riis charmed the bejeebers out of every person that walked into the place. And the new track tubular officially took it’s place where the Grifo once stood – Riis played with it for almost an hour and threw it all over the coffee shop, sharing it with most of the other people inhabiting the early-morning Mecca.

I certainly look forward to my ride today – nasty gravel roads, rippin’ around the Rez, and probably finding some mud here and there to get the new Alan cross bike as dirty as possible. But it’s amazing how I would miss not going for coffee more than I would miss not going for a ride. 

Fortunately, I don’t have to make that choice.