… of someone who is writing a work-related blog (strange to think of this as one, but it’s true) I have completely dropped the ball on updates for the last weeks due to being insanely busy. 

So here’s the quick scoop:

Went to Veloswap last weekend and spent an inordinate amount of time getting ready to sell a ton of gear that has been accumulating for years in the shop and in my basement. Surprisingly, the sales were rather slow on high-end stuff and so I just came home with most of it and will have to post it online – bit of a waste, but it did finally get me to catalog everything that I want to get rid of, so that will make the posting easier.

Getting ready for RMBS this weekend. Will be officially introducing our new SoftGrip Hudz. We have had a batch of crossers using these for the last month or so and the feedback has been great. The Hudz are made with a slightly softer and grippy-er compound so they are perfect for cross, touring and recreational riders. For the serious set, we will still be making our “Original Enhancement Brake Hoods.”

Also, yesterday I received a package from Stellina Sport – a lovely Alan cross frame to test. It is being built up with AlphaQ bits, a Sram drivetrain, and RoL carbon cross wheels (used by Katie Compton no less). I’ll be writing cross tech reviews this winter, and this is tester bike to make sure that I’m literate and able to write for the website. 

Lots of other little things going on as well, but we’ll save those for another day.