The Rocky Mountain Bicycle Show is about two weeks away. It looks like we’ll have a good number of companies displaying there. Hudz is one of the presenting sponsors with Wheels Mfg. down the road in Broomfield, so we are doing a lot to help the event organizer. 

For those of you who don’t know – which I assume is most, since this is a first-year show – RMBS is a custom builder show that will hopefully allow the public to get their hands on some of the cool stuff from Interbike as well – like some DA7900 equipped bikes, Edge wheels, and other toys.

We will be using this event to officially launch our new SoftGrip version of Hudz. It is the perfect time since the genesis of doing those Hudz was to do something more comfortable and practical for cyclocross and RMBS is the same weekend as Boulder’s two UCI points cyclocross races.

So if you see this blog, pass on the word about RMBS to anyone you know in Colorado. It should be a great time. See you there…