Interbike is over and that is a good thing. I am not looking forward to – as I inevitably will have to – adding Eurobike to the schedule next year. But before we get to more trade shows, we have the world’s biggest bike parts garage sale coming. 

Veloswap is actually something I am looking forward to this year. I need to get rid of more bike parts than I ever thought I could store in one place. Somehow over the last seven years of building project bikes for people I amassed an incredible trove of spare parts, cast offs, and random things that I really don’t need. Things that could be sold to fund a whole new buying spree – though this year it will probably be limited to new pedals and shoes, and some hardened steel injection molds. Yep, this year the lion’s share of things will end up paying for new Hudz molds, and I have Campy and Shimano to blame for me not being able to waste a larger portion of the proceeds on toys. In their defense, the new DA is wickedly nice, so I really should let them off the hook. No real experience on the new Campy yet, but it looks like a nice effort, so I guess I’ll let them off the hook as well.

So, for all those who have any proximity to Denver, come spend the week, go to VeloSwap, do some riding in the mountains, catch some UCI cross races, and then hit the Hudz-sponsored Rocky Mountain Bicycle Show…